Back in Belgium… for a while at least

As of 15 December unitil 23 December we are back in the country and of course we are loaded with gorgeous new pieces. Should you still be looking for an original gift, you might consider stopping at our place.

Welcome at our house on Friday 15 December between 2 and 8 pm and on Sunday 17 December between 10 am and 6 pm. Do bring your friends and family. Should you prefer to come on another day, please make an appointment via phone, sms (0478/33.2000) or email.
Everyone is welcome.

3 winners!

During the Countryside Fair you had the opportunity to win a voucher worth €250. Lots of visitors tried their luck and 3 participants were closest to the right answer. This is why we have 3 winners. Congratulations to Annick, Isabella and Marianne: you have just won €85! Do keep an eye on your email box for more information.

Also check out my facebook page. I regularly post what I am up to.